Thursday, November 16, 2017

In the Sky

Hi everyone. 
I've been working on my Night Sky Journal recently and thought I would share a spread with you today.

As technology changes so does the way people look at the sky. My planet photos on the left aren't particularly recent since I  took them out of an 1970's atlas, but they are much more advanced than the old map and zodiac strips on the right hand side. That image comes from a calendar I used back in 2008 and had a vintage sky map theme. I added a few little bits and bobs to that page too. 
 I recently listened to a book on cosmology by Neil Degrasse Tyson which was really interesting but it amazed me how differently astronomers view the sky today. They measure things like microwaves and talk about the space time continuum and lots of physics going back to Einstein's 2 relativity theories. Way back when the constellations were named people basically just looked bare eyes at the night sky.

So there's not much else new here. I feel like there's been a lot of dark this week as we've had some stormy weather and the days are quickly getting  very short. I'm off from work tomorrow as I need to go back to Boston for my 6 month kidney donation check up.  I can't believe the surgery was already 6 months ago. 
So without anything else to babble about, I will keep this short.  
Have great end of your week.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Hi everyone.  Hope everyone is having a good day.
Today I have another journal age for Chris's challenge at Art Journal Journey, 101 Ways to Keep Warm.  We had some wintery weather the other day and it made it a good night for a bowl of soup. I make a mean bowl of cream of tomato soup, and nothing is better on a snowy night that some soup to warm you right down to your bones.
And I forgot yesterday to link this to Try It On Tuesday. The latest challenge is Home Sweet Home, and I think my page is all about home and homemade yumminess.
 This is how it looked before I left for work the next morning.
 But there was gorgeous morning sky, before it went grey and stayed grey all day.

But luckily it was warm enough that 90% of the snow melted. It's just too early for winter in my mind, but maybe not in Mother Nature's mind.
Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.

Monday, November 13, 2017

T Stands for Lunch and Dinner

Hi  there T Gang Ladies (and any gentleman)!
 It is Tuesday again and already!
That means it  isT Day.  Time to share a drink related posts over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog, Altered Book Lover.

Today I am going to share lunch and dinner from an outing with my daughter.       .
Last Friday my daughter and I both had the day off from work. so we met  do some holiday shopping. I wanted her to pick out a few things (which she did) that I could put away Christmas. She likes clothes, and I may be pretty good (most of the time) at seeing things and knowing whether  they're her style, but I didn't know what she actually needs or wants. 
It was 11 AM when we met at the park and ride, and I was hungry, so she said she'd take me to lunch.
You may possibly remember last month when we  tried to go to a Chick-fil-A  down in Massachusetts that wasn't yet open.
Now I would probably have picked a different place to eat, but the 26 year old just loves Chick-fil-A, and there isn't many of them here in New Hampshire. In fact there is only 2 in the whole state, both in the city of Nashua. Just where we happened to meet to go shopping.
So off we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.
 It wasn't bad for fast food. I had a basic chicken sandwich that came with waffle fries. And in my cup, I had a diet coke. That big cup lasted me all afternoon. I took sips in between stores.
We spent all afternoon store hopping. Both of us got a lot of the items on our shopping lists checked off, and we hit the 10,000 steps on our Fitbit counters. It was going on 6 PM by the time we finished. Since we each had over an hour drive home, I knew I needed something to recharge my batteries or else I would be battling my sore feet and end of the day yawns the whole way home. We passed a Panera, (a bakery, soup, salad and sandwich chain) on our way to the Park and Ride, so we stopped there to get a quick and light dinner.
I had the Fuji apple salad (one of my favorites) as well as a fruity iced tea. It hit the spot.
It was a long day, but we had a lot of fun. It's certainly not usual for me to need 2 meals on a shopping trip., but on our shop til you drop day out, we did.
Hope you have a fantastic T day, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Relaxing Sunday Mornings Are The Best Moments of the Week

Hi everyone.  It is quite cold this morning, and a little grey, but I am having a an enjoyable morning. I love a lazy morning when there is nothing compelling I must do. :)
I love lounging bed reading for a couple of hours. I must admit it's a little guilty pleasure.
I haven't seen the show but I have been enjoying the book. It's a light read with lots of photos (actual historical photos and show photos).  Now I want to see the Netflix series.  Guess I need to "borrow" my daughter's Netflix password and take a watch. She'll be home next weekend so maybe she'll be interested in watching it with me. 
Yesterday my screen porch got it's winter plastic covering. It's always a sad time, but it is the right time.  Seeing yesterday we barely hit 32 degrees (0 degrees C). I would have raked those leaves but most of them were frozen on the ground.

I think I am slipping into hibernation mode.
  I started knitting a sweater with yarn I bought last summer. It will keep me busy while I lounge next to the woodstove or watch TV.
 And this lady  helps keep me warm while I read. She really wants me to shower her with attention. I guess since she's a good girl she does deserve a rub. :)
So an the arty side of life, I managed to get 2 of these giant books that were on discard in my school library.
 They are each huge volumes of around 1000 pages and the bindings are in excellent shape, so they should make good art journals. I can either rip out all the pages and have a good thick binding or I can rip out half the pages and have a book to alter. :) Lots of choices.
And I do have a journal page to show you. I am linking it up to Chris's fun challenge at Art Journal Journey.
One way to stay warm (in the 101 Ways to Keep Warm challenge) is with a nice cozy quilt.
I am also linking up to Try It On Tuesday and their latest challenge with is Home Sweet Home.
I had a lot of fun just coloring all the quilt squares. The above photo doesn't show the stitching I did on the page, so let me show you one that highlights that.
It's still a little hard to see the stitching but you can see the threads. The black stitching on the edges is actually a stamped image.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend also. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Cold Hands

Happy Friday everyone! It's a cold morning.   Brrr.  Glad I didn't have to rush out to work and could stay in my warm bed a little longer. :)
 I took these photos the other day. You can see how the woods look more wintery now that most of the leaves have come down.
Time to rake.
And put the lawn furniture away.
 Now these berries look so bright and stand out without the leaves.
And we've finally gotten a hard frost. 
The cold weather does produce some beautiful skies.

 I have another page for Chris's challenge-101 Ways to Stay Warm- over at Art Journal Journey.
I really like my couple. I painted them first in grey, then a light coat of black, and then I used some watered down cream colored paint to add some details. Finally I used a white Stabilo pencil to draw in any final needed details.
Stay warm if it's chilly where you are. And enjoy the start of your weekend wherever you are.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

On Wildlife Art

Hi everyone. It's Thursday, or rather what we at work call Thursday-Friday,  since tomorrow we are off for the Veterans Day (Remembrance Day or Armistice Day) Holiday. The holiday actually falls on Saturday the 11th, but since there is no school on Saturday, we have tomorrow scheduled as a day off.
My holiday plans are to go meet my daughter in a nearby NH city and go shopping. I am hoping to find a few things I can pick up and put away for Christmas for her. Better for her to know what they are and like them than  the opposite situation.  I am looking forward to spending the day with her and actually doing a little holiday shopping before it gets crazy. 
Now as long as she doesn't get too crazy and want more than I plan on buying. :)
So today I first have for you a tag for Tag Tuesday where the theme is Book Print. I covered my tag in an old book page. Not Sure what to do next, I just started stamping the trees and decided to create a nature print. I can't say it's the best tag I've ever made but I'm happy enough with it to post it.
And I also have another page from my Night Journal to show you. I still have some pages left to go, but after  having changed the clocks the other day, I was inspired to make a page about how it gets dark so early now. Not that it getting dark so early is in itself really inspiring. :)
I thought that only the nocturnal animals must like it, so I added the cool owl on the bottom right. 
The other day I was saying how I had started listening to Neil DeGrasse Tyson's book "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry". I had started it while doing some art Sunday afternoon, and I realized afterwards I couldn't remember anything I heard. That made me feel like it blew over my head. Not that I am a physicist in any shape or form, but it was suppose to be a laypersons guide.
But then while driving to work this past week I went back and relistened and voila, it started to make sense. I may not be able to recite all the details, but I must say I have enjoyed the listen. What I learned is that art time is not the time to listen to any book that requires me to concentrate on the book. Guess I will stick with lighter novels in the studio. :)
Happy almost end of the week everyone.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sweater Days

Happy Wednesday everyone. It's crisp and November like again today. I guess it was inevitable at some point all our gorgeous fall weather would come to an end.
I've got another journal page to share today for Chris's fun challenge at Art Journal Journey. For today's take on 101 Ways to Keep Warm, I have sweaters. I believe for you folks in the UK you call these jumpers. (Am I right about that?)
Because a wool sweater not only keeps you warm but can be awfully pretty to wear too.
And it's chilly enough today I need to wear one of mine.
I always get excited when I get pull out my sweaters. By March I will be sick of them, but since I 
haven't worn them in months, I am ready to wear them again. It's like meeting up with an old friend.  I have some sweaters that are over 20 years old but when you have a classic, it never goes out of style.
So I doodled and colored these sweaters on my journal page.
Not much else going on in my world.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting.

Monday, November 6, 2017

T Stand for Hockey Season

Happy Tuesday folks. Today is the day we stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog  and share a little drink fun. And sometimes  we even share some food or other adventures.
After all T is for Tuesday.
I have a little road trip fun for you today.
My T Day post is all about what the hubby and I like to do in the winter.
We like to watch hockey. Our favorite team is our college team, The University of Maine Black Bears.
Our college  used to have a strong and competitive team that was hard to beat. Lately they've gone downhill. In fact, they hadn't won an away game since January of 2015. 
But last Saturday they were playing the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Lowell is about 1 1/2 hours away from out home (half the distance of going back to our alma mater) so we got tickets for the game.
We were meeting my husband's sister and her husband (he's an alumni also) as well as my husband's cousin and his wife who just wanted a day out.
The game was at 4PM so before the game we met for lunch and a couple of pre-game beers, plus we had a little walk around the city of Lowell.
Lowell is an interesting place.  It began in the 1820's as an experimental factory city. Since the Merrimack River ( a large New England River) runs through the city, it made a good place for many early textile mills to be built. It was the first planned  and highly successful industrial city in the United States. After mills went out of business, the city suffered, but now there is a US National Historic park where you can learn about those mills and the lives of the mill girls back in the 1800's. The city has made a comeback and is actually an interesting place to visit.
Here's a few photos from my walk. 

 Here's an old trolley station and also a mill canal. I believe there were 6 miles of canals built throughout the city.

 And this is the arena where we went to watch the game. I will say it is one of my favorite venues. It is called the Tsongas Center, named after an influential Massachusetts legislator who hailed from Lowell.
I wish I had more of the historical mills to show you, but we didn't walk into that neighborhood. I visited the Mill Museum back in 2007 and maybe it's time to go back again. Here's a link to the National Historic Park Site if you are interested: Lowell National Historic Park. Maybe next spring or summer once they open up for another season I will make a point of going back.
Part of the reason we only had so much time was we were all meeting for lunch at an Irish Pub called The Old Court.

It certainly had some personality. And some cool wall art . I should have taken the wall art photo before the place got crowded.
But they did a a good beer selection.
My husband and I both had a Southwick's Red Ale which is made by Guinness and imported from Ireland. It's a nice drink.
And 4 out of the 6  of us had fish and chips for lunch.
I substituted onion rings for my chips. It was delicious and not greasy at all.
And after lunch we walked back to go to the game. Our team actually won, 6-2. Wahoo.
So a good time was had by all.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dark, Dark and Even Darker

Hi everyone. Hope every had a great weekend.
So last night we changed to clocks back an hour.  With the time change and the all the clouds and light rain today, it has been so dark!  But the good thing about the dark is that it has been a good day to be lazy. :)
Well not really lazy, but it was a great studio day. 
I'll start with a journal page for Art Journal Journey and Chris's fun new challenge of 101 Ways to Keep Warm.
The first idea for this challenge that popped into my head was to jet off to a warm tropical beach some place.  I don't know why I thought of this because I'm not one to fly off to a tropical island.  But lots of people from my neck of the woods do go to Florida once winter sets in  to escape the cold. And it is certainly warmer there than here in New Hampshire.
And then I made a tag for Sandi's challenge at Tag Tuesday. The theme is Book Print.

I used a book page to cover my tag and sprayed it. I stamped some circles. Then I added this silly sticker, the lace as well as some yellow paint dots.
And with just a few days left, I am linking up to Try It On Tuesday and the circle challenge.
So this weekend I did manage to pick up my screen porch . It's always sad when the porch season is over.  But by now my reading time has moved inside. I joined Audible awhile back and have been going through so many audio books. I  will say though that today I picked up their daily deal, a Neil Degrasse Tyson book on the universe which I was interested in reading anyhow, and man, I guess I went over my head. It's only a 3 hour book but I think I need to listen to it again. Or read it in book format so I can absorb it better. Or maybe I just need to stick with different types of books. But I have a couple of recommendations.
First of all, I did listen to Vincent and Theo but Deborah Helligman which was a great story about Vincent Van Gogh and his relationship with his brother Theo. And I also really enjoyed Founding Gardeners by Andrea Wulf which is about some of the men who founded the United States from the perspective of gardening and their interest in native plants. That was a really unique story and I really enjoyed it. 
That's all for me. Have a great start to the new week.

Friday, November 3, 2017


Hi everyone. It's Friday and almost the weekend.  I realized when I woke up that this is the only Friday I am working all month, so that is a good thought. :)
Yesterday I had a little time after work to  tackle some of the mess in the yard from the wind storm we had last Sunday night. 
There are leaves everywhere. This is one of my gardens.
But you can see there are still lots of leaves on these oak trees around my house.  I decided to rake the garden out anyhow so when the rest of the leaves come down I won't have quite as much raking. But the grass is still covered with leaves and the deck too. Never mind the twigs and leaves in the driveway. 
You can guess what I will be doing over the next few weeks.
Hopefully,  there's no early snow this year.
(Now that is a thought I don't want to have!)
And I have a few pages from my drawing journal for you today. 
 I really hate how the left side of my journal has such curve to it. Since each page is dated, I can't remove any.  Good thing I have a new drawing journal for 2018 that just arrived from Amazon. (But that's my second scary thought in this post. Where does time go?) Next year I ordered a 2 journal set, six months for each one. Maybe that will fix this problem. 

I think it's time to work on depth and shadowing on my doodles. Now that I feel more confident that I can doodle  most things I try to draw.
And this weekend I will hopefully get some time to finish up all the half done art pieces I've been working on.  They say rain Sunday so it sounds like I might since I can't do any raking.

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Looking Back on the Second

Hi everyone!  I'm busy cleaning up the mess in my studio space. My box of Halloween things is all picked up, and I've put away other items. I get into these creative rolls and I don't pick anything up in the process. So it's time to clean a bit before I pull out my Christmas box and start making another mess. :)
So that's my Second on the Second theme.
Back in 2015 I was doing the same thing. Cleaning off my table and as a result, making this double page journal spread.
Here's the link: Cleaning Up and a New Journal.

Stop over at Bleubeard nd Eliabeth's blog and join in by reposting something from your blog.
End of quarter exams are going on at school right now. It's keeping me busy. Tomorrow the new quarter starts and I am ready to start fresh, even though I don't have any new students.  Hope today the school turns the heat on today though.  I sat all day yesterday with my jacket on. Real fall temperatures have arrived.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.